Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thank goodness it's fall.

Hey guys,

The nights are getting cooler(yeah). It's almost jeans and sweatshirt weather. My mind immediately turns to two things. 1. What am I going to knit this season and. 2. What fall goodness will I sample. It's not hard to find good normal food at a fair price-If you know where to look. I found this beautiful produce

At my local Sandy Hill produce store. Sandy Hill is celebrating it's 60th year in business. I like them because you can get good produce that is mostly locally grown at a reasonable price. So how much do you think I paid for: 12 apples,13 peppers,7 plum-apricot hybrids,1 spaghetti squash,1 butternut squash,and dried cranberries,banana chips,sesame seeds,and dried apricots? $25? $20 the low low bargain basement price of 19.95? I got all this

For 14.92. That's right, I can make soups and snack mixes from this bounty for at least two weeks. I had and interesting weekend and I'll tell you more about it Monday. Just picture Jedi knights and Trekkie's in a musical(Sci-Fi-Story).. Until we meet again, TTFN(ta-ta for now)


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