Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weird Dreams

Sometimes a dream is nothing but the bean burrito you had for dinner and the last show you watched dancing around in your subconscious and making bad B movies. However sometimes a dream is so vivid and affects you so strongly that you have to write it down. I've decided to talk about dreams that seem weird to me. Just random stuff you can't explain. In my last weird dream I was a white man(strange I know-picture the "can you here me now" guy from the Verizon wireless commercials-but with a bald pate). I was at a meeting where all these people were standing lined up around a long board room table. I got chairs for them all smiling graciously as I went along,but when I went to sit down-there wasn't a chair left for me. The meeting started without me and I felt that I had to find my own chair and no one was going to help me. I felt a little bit left out and unappreciated. I then went into a dark closet where I found a bag with a zipper. Here's the thing-I turned back into myself in the closet(cue twilight zone music) I open the bag and all these knitting needles with odd shaped heads fell out. They heads all looked like a hex screws on top
and an Awl tool on the bottom

I remember thinking that I could knit a lot of garments with these even if they are sharp. I didn't go back to the meeting-I just walked out knowing I had to do something more important with my life. Then I woke up.

What I took from the dream:
Sometimes you have to take care of yourself first. I noticed in the dream how everyone expected me to seat them-actually waited for me to do it-when they had been seated they took no more notice of me. Sometimes people can use you as stop gap measure-they have not interest in you as a person-you're simply there to fulfill a need. Find something you love to do and do it. Don't be like me in my dream-plan a seat/and or life for yourself. Be more than a seat filler.


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