Thursday, March 19, 2009

How much did you say that cost?

Just a heads up-if you love OSU-Work there-or know someone who does,this post may offend you. This is totally directed to the institution and it's policies and not the staff that I know and love. You know I love learning. Love everything about it. I love going from novice to expert. Love Love Love it. But try as I might I can't seem to wrap my brain around financial aid. I'm starting to think I need to fund my education another way. Did you know that it costs $1254 dollars to take one 5 credit hour course at OSU? Let me just pull that off my money tree for ya! Are you kidding me-and this is affordable education-to who Donald Trump! This is a state run school? Now if you can't afford to pay it all at one time and let's face it 95% of Americans can't,You have the option of splitting up the payment. Which seems more palatable until you find out they charge you and annual fee of $35 dollars for the privilege of paying them in installments. What a privilege it is to be living on ramen and hamburger helper so that I can pay for one class. If that $35 dollars was going to something worth while like cancer research then okay. But just charging me because you can? So sucks! I just don't have disposable income right now and I really can't see parting with two of my paychecks(whole and complete)for one class. Of Course there are always loans right!! Well there are loans for those of us who can take at least 6 credit hours a quarter. Which is hilarious because there are no 6 credit hour courses. I know there are 1 credit hour courses you can take but unfortunately I don't need them and anything that's not getting me closer to a degree is a waste of money. So I don't qualify for student loans or pell grants. Who knew I was so rich. I think I'll have to take myself on a vacation and spend some of this new found wealth I supposedly have. Maybe Gordon will take me-I hear he just got a raise.

Underfunded in Columbus


allie said...

D: I'm so sorry, it sucks, really sucks!

Brandon said...

I agree 100%, although I have two family memebers who work at OSU, I hate OSU, for many reasons. And I thought CSCC was to much, I only paid an average of $200-$300 a course, I would be broke if I went to OSU. I to had trouble getting finacial aide, it seems I to am rich for it, I wish someone would have told me I had so much money.