Sunday, March 29, 2009

College Vs Bills

Well I've put on my financial adviser's hat and have crunched the numbers and figured out... Absolutely nothing. School starts tomorrow but I'm seriously thinking of dropping the one course I do have scheduled. I got a lovely email suggesting that I pay my tuition. I've decided I'd rather pay for my daily living expenses. While I could do the topp program-that leaves me with absolutely no safety net for the next two months. I'm daring and bold but not stupid. School will just have to wait. I'm aching to get back but I'll need some wealthy benefactor to help me in my quest for knowledge. I hate to feel like I'm giving up on my education but really-I don't see an option other than accruing another debt.

If I ran OSU I'd...

1. Let you opt out of the $82 Rpac fee if you already have a gym membership.
2. Make special allowances for commuters and non traditional students-i.e. those who actually work full time.
3. Provide more online courses
4. Take the FAFSA information and automatically put your name in for grants and scholarships.
5. Have special parking passes for commuters at a nominal fee maybe $25 a quarter.
6. Have satellite branches for commuters(do you notice the theme)
7. Make courses affordable to working adults-and not the "financial aid pay the government for the rest of my life affordable(or as my aunt would say the robbing Peter to pay Paul version of financial aide). More like bare bones education-no student activity fee(I'm not doing a keg stand in my Chaucer course)-NO RPac-(I've got planet fitness and they're much,much,much cheaper)-No COTA fee(I'm a commuter-duh-I don't need a bus pass).
8. Make getting an education a walk in the park(Instead of the Double Dare obstacle course it currently is-Physical challenge anyone?)

This being said I realize that I bear responsibility for my own future-so I'm looking at some other ways to fund my education.

1. Donating plasma
2. Putting a kidney on the black market
3. Hitting the lottery (come on 7-11 mama needs some Chaucer 515)
4. Donating my body to OSU Medical Center in lieu of payment
5. Knitting until my fingers bleed.

What am I doing in the meanwhile? I'm knitting a nice cable scarf that will hopefully thrill some avid peruser of esty(ebay for crafters) and working on paying off all bills. I hope to try school again in the fall. Hopefully my funding situation will have changed-for the better.



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