Monday, March 30, 2009

Guitar Hero take me away?


My name is Desi an I'm a Guitar Hero player. What better way to combine two of my great loves-awesome music and gaming. I know there are lots of people who diss guitar hero fans-but this is one group I don't mind be a geek for. There are so many songs I would never have listened to by their titles.
1. Beautiful disaster-311-cool reggae beat
2. No sleep till Brooklyn- beastie boys-absolutely love it
3. Jimi-slightly stoopid-another mellow beat-loved playing it.
4. I feel the pain-dinosaur Jr.-like playing it and the songs okay.

Of course there are some songs that by default I'd love. Heartbreaker-pat benetar or about a girl - nirvana or do it again -steely dan. Those were part of my set list before I began playing. Will playing guitar hero make me listen to more artist-definitely. Am I willing to go "dungeons and dragons" about guitar hero-not so much.


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