Friday, November 14, 2008

what's in your player?

Hey guys,

I've been listening to a lot of books on cd lately. My commute these days is around 70 miles one way-yeah I know time to look for an apartment(think of all the dinner parties I could have-not to mention movie festivals each with a different theme..ahh dream a little dream)so I've listened to quite a few books on cd. My favorites are what NPR calls driveway stories. They are the stories so good that you either drive around your block to listen to more of them or just sit in your car to reach a good stopping point. I recently finished "library book" (a well calculated tale to keep you in..."SUSPENSE"). which is an old radio mystery with Myrna Loy playing Prudence Roberts. I loved it because she was the typical "panties in a bunch" librarian-a stickler for the rules and such. It reminded me of several conversations I've had with patron's over the years-mostly involving damaged items. She goes on to figure out a girl has been kidnapped and goes to the police-and of course you know what happens next-she takes off her glasses and.....come on it's in every sexy librarian story... the cop realizes she's beautiful and tries to date her. All ends well and she ditches the glasses and stuffy demeanor for the hot cop-so cute. I'm currently listening to "The dark is rising" series-wonderful adventure stories involving the timeless plot of light against dark. I just finished "over sea under stone" which pits 3 children and their grandfather against the forces of darkness. I'm currently listening to the Dark is rising which involves a new character that has just learned that he's an "old one" and has to learn to harness the special power that he has. Last night he almost lost one of the signs he was supposed to collect and I was on the edge of my car seat-waiting to see what was going to happen-I won't tell you here-you'll have to listen to it for yourself-but don't take my word for it.

Congratulations to the Columbus Crew Soccer team-They made to the MLS Cup for the first time in the franchises history!


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