Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Step into your greatness!

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while since by last post -but I was busy! Busy cheering for Barack Obama!!!! I'll try to be brief in my summation of my views on the election and on Barack. First of all you could see the stark difference between McCain supporters and Barack supporters. McCain had a sea of white faces at his rally last night in Arizona. Some of his supporters boo'd when Senator McCain spoke kindly about Obama-I know some of it was just sour grapes and sadness. I would've been sad if Barack had lost the election. They were silent when McCain spoke of the fact that this was a historic moment for African-Americans.He spoke of the fact that a people who once believed that their voice didn't count or could never be heard now know different. Don't get me wrong this is not about race so much as it is about change. Race was just one component. I believe that last night was a historic moment for all Americans. It wasn't just about America having it's first black president-It was more about the way we all came together to work for change for all of us. Barack's supporter were a more accurate representation of what America is-a melting pot. You had white,black,Hispanic,young,old,poor,rich(yeah some rich people voted for Obama too)standing side by side. McCain represented politics the way it used to be when the majority of minorities didn't vote. Obama' strategy of reaching out to "the least of these" those people who had been left out of the dream-was what helped him win this election. I voted for Barack Obama simply because he appealed to that dream that lives inside of me-a dream of a better future for my niece and nephew and for all of us. It won't be easy but we've taken the first step. Step into your greatness-the only boundaries you have are in your mind.

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