Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What are you thankful for?

I thought I'd start this post off by listing the things that I'm grateful for. I figure I spend way to much time dwelling on the crappy bits of life instead of enjoying wonderful moments that come everyday. Sometimes profound-sometimes not-I'm still thankful.
I Am Thankful and/or Grateful for....
A roof over my head
(Hey! I can dream)

A safe car to drive
Let's here it for Bruce Banner(that's my car's alter ego-you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Money in the bank to pay for the car and insurance
a new position at work
warm socks
good hugs
good under garments(you know what I mean-one that lifts you up and never lets you down)
going back to school!!!
Money to go back to school(I figure If I'm thankful for it it will show up-if you build it they will come(field of dreams reference))
chocolate and mint collaborations
coke slushies from speedway
space heaters
bearing witness to Barack Obama's successful bid for the presidency
music(good music-not Celine Dione knock offs)
knitting gone wrong

Just not my knitting..

The Columbus Crew winning the MLS Cup
and The Ohio State Buckeyes beating the stuffing out of Michigan
And finally thanks for all my readers-

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Hug someone you love on turkey day



allie said...

Hope you had a good turkey day!

Desi's Thoughts and Idea's said...

I did-no clean up
how was yours?