Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crew's Control

Congratulations to the Columbus Crew!!!!!!!!!!! It's definitely been a banner year for them. Not only do they beat the Chicago Fire and old teammate Brian McBride-they beat the New York Red Bulls-3-1. So cool. I'm a new fan so I won't be quoting stats and the like. I'll just say I love their work ethic(and slogan and website) and I'm so proud of the crew. The Columbus dispatch should be black and gold Monday-The crew so deserve it.

Also Congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes!!!!!! They totally whooped up on the Wolverines. They beat Michigan like they stole something. I mean come on-42 to 7? One of my co-workers is a Michigan fan. I asked him if he wanted a hug-he declined. As we were leaving he said that soon he would get his car back. He made the comment that he should just paint a bulls-eye on his car since people seem to keep hitting him. I told him just put a Michigan emblem on the car-that will work much better.

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Brandon said...

GO CREW!!!! What a year, welcome aboard, we need all the new fans we can get, tell your friends, shout it out to the world, GO CREW!!!. I hope to see you at a game next year. 2008 MLS Champs, how great does that sound. I remember seeing that McBride lego statue at Crew stadium back around 2000 I think.