Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cadillac dreams

This week was a good week for more reasons than just the election. My uncle Joe drove up from tennessee in a 1991 Cadillac. I got to spend some time with my uncle and benefit from his wisdom. To top it off he let me drive the Cadillac from Columbus after my nephew's concert. Let me tell you I never saw so many wiggly kids. It was a concert about continents where they sang songs from all around the world. The kids dressed up in various native dress. We had King tut, a Mennonite,Pocahontas,a princess,Sacajawea, a farmer,a conductor(the kid kept waving his arms around like he was conducting a band)and many more. My nephew's classmates told him that he looked like a business man. I knew most of the songs because my nephew had taught them to me on our drives home. The kids really got into it. Anytime they got to swing their arms or punch the air-they went for it. So funny. Just a note about my latest craft show....people don't try to do craftacular things during a recession-mainly you'll get lookey lou's or congressmen who want you to vote for them -buying your stuff. I made enough to pay my half of the table and that's fine. Some of the other participants weren't so happy. One more word about Cadillac's... I love them. I used to have a 77 cutlass supreme named Julio...driving the Cadillac made me miss Julio something fierce. v8 engine,plush leather interior,all that power...ahhh this was the way driving was meant to be.

check ya later tater


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