Sunday, November 16, 2008

The anger management teacher

Hey guys, I'd like to welcome back one of my favorite contributors to my blog. My nephew is back-one year older and wiser to give us some insight into what goes on behind the scenes at a school concert....

Q:What was the title of your recent concert?

A: Really there wasn't a title. We did songs from around the world.

Q: So was it hard getting prepared to sing so many songs?

A: Yes. Especially since our music teacher has anger management problems. Like every ten seconds he says be quiet,be quiet, be quiet. When he only does it two times he says "I said that 81 times" and I'm like no you didn't!.

Q: I thought your music teacher was a hip happening dude. I mean he had the cool fake Swede coat on and he kept trying to make jokes. Don't you find him funny?

A: Not at all. He may act like he's all fun on the concert,but trust me you wouldn't want to be in our class when we go to music class.

Q: What's he like in music class?

A: Sometimes he tries to be funny but he is a sorry joker.

Q: What does a sorry joker mean?

A: It means he's bad at telling jokes.

Q: Did you learn a lot from him?

A:well all I learned how to make him angry and that was easy.

Q: So what do you do to make him angry and does he turn into the incredible hulk when he's angry?

A: The only word that I have to tell is'YES and what the class does to make him mad is nothing.

Q: So what's your favorite song you sang in the concert?

A: Well Ahhh, I gotta say "nengawaga chemawhe"(aka Native American Song)

Q: I have to say I liked Canada's national anthem better and then oh see funi mungoo gabane.

A: Remember when I said that he had anger management problems. I should have said that all he says is blah blah blah,stop it stop it stop it.

Q: Do you have any other advice or 8 year olds dealing with music teachers?

A: Well my advice is if your in my class never ever ever! play around.
Are we done yet.

Q: Yes Thanks for visiting my blog-I look forward to blogging with you again.

A: I know you do. It's fun.

Check ya later taters


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