Tuesday, September 29, 2009

School's back in session!

Well I've had my first two classes. My English class focuses on the works of Hemingway,Faulkner,and Zora Neale Hurston. I find that I'm enjoying the reading and the discussions that I get to take part in. I'm reading "The Sun also rises" by Hemingway. It's a pretty quick read and it's funny and awful at the same time. I was a little afraid that it would be hard to jump back into school. I'm getting a little better feel of what's expected. What's weird is my second class which is social dance. Now if you know me I love to dance. So I went into the class thinking it would be a piece of cake. Why did I end up getting paired with the one guy who brought his own dance shoes to class. Yep he had the stance and everything down pat. I wish I could say the same. I quickly learned that I was a novice at ballroom dancing. While I'm sure I'll get better with practice(plus I really want to learn how to do it well) it was awkward at first. We had to pair up (which is as much fun as being picked last for kick ball). The only good thing is we switched partners so you got to dance with a lot of different people. I learned the foxtrot and swing. I hope to become less stiff and more at ease as I practice. I also hope to stop looking at my partner's feet.
While I'm not quite ready for dancing with the stars-I'm getting more appreciation for the craft. You may wonder why social dance? Well it put me at 6 credit hours-which gives me financial aid and it fit in with my work schedule. So hopefully both classes will boost my GPA and move me that much closer to graduation!

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