Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picture of the Week

My blog will suffer a slow down so the post will be infrequent. I've just started at OSU again and I'm trying to put forward my best foot. So I've tried to pack as much fun as I can into this weekend.

On Saturday I went to my first ever Columbus Crew game. I had so much fun. We ended up sitting right in the crew's cheering section. I couldn't make out any of the chants. The Columbus Crew shut out the LA Galaxy 2-0. I didn't get to see beckam play-he wasn't there that night. I will definitely go to another game.

On Sunday, I went to Malabar farm. They were having a fall festival. I got to see where Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were married. I also got to look inside the hostel at Malabar Farm. I really enjoyed myself. I'll post more pictures later.

Until we meet again.


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