Saturday, September 19, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

Sometimes you want more than oatmeal and tea for breakfast. I've been a very good girl all week. I've eaten my allotment of fiber and my leafy greens. I've also drank green and white tea along with plain old H2O. Today however was my day off and I wanted something to excite my senses for breakfast. I reached into the Frigidaire and found green olives,capers,roasted red peppers and just the tiniest amount of mozzarella cheese. I paired these items with some pepperoncini that the lovely Mrs. G gave me(thanks carol!) and made this omelet.

I took two eggs added salt and pepper and a little light cream. I beat them like they stole something. That incorporated lots of air in to my eggs and made them light and fluffy

I then put some olive oil in the pan add sauteed all my vegetable except of course the cheese.

I removed them from the pan after cooking them thoroughly. I cleaned the pan and placed more olive oil in the pan. Then I put the eggs in the pan. I slowly moved the egg batter around until it was almost completely cooked

I then placed my sauteed vegetables on one side of the omelet.

Flip it add some juice,tea and a biscuit and you have? A breakfast fit for a queen!

Happy cooking,


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