Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gee it's great to be back home!

Well that's a little stretch actually. I had a great time. I did what most cruiser's do. I ate all kinds of weird food( I had a cinnamon pumpkin,squash and yam with cheddar cheese pot pie)It was so good. They even had someone making fresh sushi so I enjoyed that as well. I also learned how to dance disco style,country line dance,and hip hop. It was a blast! I got to show Carolyn how do to the hip hop dance moves. If you can picture it here's this lady in her early 60's doing hip hop moves with me. She was excellent! My niece and nephew were waiting for the elevator so we started doing the moves. Our dance instructor saw us and started dancing with us! I shared my stateroom with my niece and my cousin's daughter-it went okay. Mostly they went to a teen hangout spot they had on board and I went where ever I wanted to go. I went to the gym of course and also to the sauna and the steam room-they have the most beautiful restrooms up there. I'll put in the pictures so you can see.
I enjoyed the shows and even got to dance with the dancers a couple times-not on stage but actually during the parties that they had. I loved this cruise. I had two cab drivers in Cozumel. First there was Victor who had very light blue eyes-kind of shocking. And then Omar who took my attempts at speaking the language in stride. I went on a sub ocean view voyage and saw wonderful coral reefs.
The only thing I didn't get to do was sing karaoke:( but oh well you can't do everything on the cruise. Favourite phrase "Grown up Girl Super Powers" given to me by my nephew. He told me that he could use his little boy super powers to cut throw a long line at dinner. I told him that I was a girl and didn't have little boy super powers. "That's okay" he said " You can use your Grown up Girl Super Powers!:)
Best time had to be in Key West. My niece and I rented bikes and rode around Key West. Only downer was getting caught in a torrential down power when we took the bikes back to the rental place.


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