Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sail Away

Just a quick post. These last few weeks have been complicated for me. Not only was I waiting to see if I would still have a job-I was commuting in a rental car because my two year old car had bad fuel injectors. So they replaced all 4 injectors and found that i had a bad valve that was misfiring. They fixed that and found that one of the cylinders was totally bad. They fixed that and I got the pleasure of driving home on Friday night ,dropping off the rental car, picking up my car,showing my mother how to crop photo's in the our paint program,then picking up my cousin's daughter and driving back to Columbus to sleep for 4 hours and start my drive to Florida. Did I mention that I was going on a cruise!. I am blogging from an embassy suite hotel. Just word about Embassy-they have the best workout facility that I've ever had the pleasure to use in a hotel. Not only did they have my elliptical machine and treadmills, they had medicine balls and balance balls and free weights and awesome pulley system. They also have the best continental breakfast. I just had a spinach an onion omelet-delicious! I'll be heading to Miami today! Then tomorrow it's off to Cozumel Mexico and then to key west Florida. Bonn voyage and all that jazz!

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allie said...

Have fun! You deserve a grand holiday!