Sunday, August 2, 2009

The way I see it!

Well Good News!

I'm still employed!!! Yeah!!! and the kicker is all of my co workers survived the library funding crisis! I'm so happy to have a job and also to be able to do a job that I like doing! Well enough about that-the title of this post is actually the newest album put out by Raphael Saadiq. I've always loved Toni,Tony,Tone ever sinces they came out with "Hey Little Walter" and who can forget "It feels Good" or "My ex-girlfriend is a Ho!" or "It never rains in southern california". The list goes on and on. This solo effort is so fun! He took me straight to motown on this one. Songs like 100 yard dash,keep marching on,and sure hope you mean it just made me think of 60's era music. I found myself trying out all kinds of dance moves. I even fit some of my line dances into the songs. I waited so longgggg to get this album from the library. It was so worth the wait. If you like motown or just good music in general I'd suggest trying out the way I see it.


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