Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Defying Gravity

Most of the time when a music artist is in love or recently married their music goes off the rails. Keith Urban never had that problem. I've loved his music ever since he came out with "Golden Road". Golden Road fed my road weary soul with good guitar rifts and foot stomping music. I would find myself singing loudly as I raced down the highway to the 'Stone. He followed it up with "Be Here" which set all my girlish fantasies of a happily ever after in flight with the song "Making memories of Us" and "Better Half". I know it's corny but I'm absolute sucker for good lyrics. Then came "Love Pain and the whole crazy thing" Which had hits like "Once in a lifetime" which is a song about taking a chance at love. Defying Gravity had me hitting high notes right along Keith in "Right in front of you" and "Whys if feel so long". But the kicker really is "Thank You" which is like a love song I imagine he wrote for his wife. Even if you don't like country,you can't deny his talent.


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