Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where in the world in Desiree Thomas

I used to love the game "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego". So I've decided to incorporate that love into this post. This weekend I took a road trip.

Clue #uno:
I was in Flag City USA. Home of George House

Which is a wonderful coffee house where you can get a "Nutty Irishman" along with various kinds of tea and spices. I loved the earth mother vibe I got from the cafe. It's like a library/coffee house/spice shop/art gallery/student hangout. My friends and I sat and knit and laughed our way through tea and danishes.

Clue #deux
The city derives its name from a fort erected on its site in 1812 as a local outpost in the War of 1812. It's also the hometown of Ben Roethlisberger,(Pittsburg Steeler's QB). We got ice cream from this wonderful place called "Dietsch"(pronounced "Deets") It's a candy slash ice cream place. The flavors of the month was peppermint and cinnamon. I tried the peppermint-lovely. They also have a lot of sugar free candy-I opted for the cashew clusters and malted milk balls-My mom loved them.

Clue # tre
This city was named a winner in the first-ever national competition to identify the 100 Best Communities for Young People in September 2005. It has a beautiful college campus and is about 70 miles west of mansfield.

I love road trips that are closed to home. I spent the day with my friend first driving around my home town. We looked around for photo opportunities. We found a couple but one we missed was a street called and I kid you not.. Tom Dick and Harry lane! It was a really long name for a short street. We had great conversations about life and what we wanted out of it. I'm still working on my list.

So.....Where do you think I went? Put on your thinking caps and if you went on this journey with me-you can't guess. One last clue 41°2′34″N 83°38′32″W / 41.04278, -83.64222 . Yep it's the geographic location-thanks wikipedia!. I promise there was no spelunking -although I have been thinking of doing a winter hike on my favorite trail at mohican-if it gets above 30 degrees that is.

Check ya later taters



allie said...

Fun post. Since I was there, I will not ruin the fun, but will tell all your readers that, they are "almost there". *grin* Thanks for a fun Saturday!

Brandon said...

my guess is Lima, ohio
I was there last summer for reasons I don't remember. Funny Findly, Ohio claims they are "Flag City USA"