Thursday, January 1, 2009

The post that never ends....

Hey Guys,

Happy 2009 to you. I hope you all are well and rang in the new years in a fitting way. I rang in the New Years with...

A. The wonderful Ms. B.
B. The glamorous Ms. P.
C. A drunk lady who liked to dance
D. All of the above

If you guessed D..You are correct and deserve a slushie!!! I went to a Prodigals concert at Promo West last night. I had a great time singing with my friends and dancing-one wee bit of a drink(one amaretto sour-delish-and half of the worst rum and coke in the world-should have taken my tip back..) That being said all was fine and dandy until we noticed a lady dancing to beat the band near us. My friend offered me 5 dollars if I would go and dance with the lady. I declined-her highland kicks and dropping it like it was hot looked like an accident waiting to happen and I didn't want to get in the way. I think sometimes I'm a magnet for planet weird. Because of course the lady had to come over and start dancing next to me. She then proceeded to tell me that she had been dancing alone(her boyfriend and or handler had went back to the bar for a little more liquid courage) and she realized she didn't have to dance alone. She introduced herself to me and my friends-then dragged me close to her and asked if I thought people weren't having a lot of fun." We should be happy-It doesn't look like their happy does it?" What can you do at that point-

A. Smile and Nod and edge cautiously away.
B. Pray that her handler oops I mean boyfriend redirects her attention
C. Make a break for the facilities
D. A and B

I know you all have your thinking caps on and if you know me at all you picked D.
her boyfriend did come back(thank you lord) and I created my own circle of friends-not unfriendly but definitely a circle with circumference and a radius. About that time they had the new years eve party in New York on the screen. Can I just say Dick Clark looks like and old Vampire. I know he's had a stroke and I should be kind but I was kind of afraid him. He looked like he wanted to bite someone or maybe it's just the way his mouth moved that creeped me out. We counted down and sang and I finished a benard(pepsi with grenadine and two cherries). We then proceeded to leave the concert-after it ended of course. It's 1:30 in the morning and Ms.P and I were starving. The only thing open we figured was taco bell-nope,Wendy's-nope,Tim Horton's-nope. I was slap happy and told my friends that I was going to called 6 on your side and complain about restaurants not staying open during their regularly scheduled hours. So we ending of getting combos and a doughnut for breakfast. The guy at the mini mart gave us the doughnuts for free-score! All and all it was a good new years.

Feeling Fine in 09!!!


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