Friday, January 16, 2009

Just a quick note

Now that I'm a more compact version of myself(still a ways to go yet but I'm making the journey)I've been reintroduced to something I like to call "Fun". I forgot how it feels to play. I ran around the church sanctuary as my god daughter chased me. Granted she's only three but she can move. It was like running laps at the gym. A member of our praise team said I should be shouting out hallelujah It was such fun. On Wednesday I stayed at my brother's house because of the storm and my nephew asked if i wanted to play star wars. I figured it was some new game for his xbox 360-it wasn't. He has two light savers(I hope that's the right term). So we battled for like 45 minutes. If you hit your opponent in arm-then he could no longer use that arm. It got to the point where we had to hold the light savers with our "arm stumps" as we battled on our knees. There was much trash talking and "you'll never take me a alive" and complicated moves where you had to jump up and put your hand out all while swinging your sword in defense. I also helped him with his homework. Part of his homework was to read a story called "Turtle Bay". When it was my turn to read-he critiqued me telling me not to read with so much expression. We then acted out the story-we pretended we were turtles burying our eggs on the beach-just a fun time. I might take another dance class soon. Now I just want to do something else fun. Maybe rock climbing or white water rafting-spring time activities I know. Sometimes you can get bogged down in the minutia of life and forget what real living is all about. Do something today that reminds you of yourself before (work,obligations,utter crap) took over. I'm bird watching(we have so many coming to the feeders in the back yard) and making the most of my day off.



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