Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not fit for man nor beast

The weather that is. I decided to make cocoa-yes from scratch-it's that kind of day. Top it off with an insane amount of marshmallows and you have ....
This is a perfect day for catching up on your reading. I'm reading...

It's good so far and very cute. I've also managed to finish a knitting journey i've been on the last couple weeks. Come with me to....

The land of double knits and not that horrible trend from the seventies. Here we aspire to inspire the daring and bold and warm. Hoping only to warm your heads and your hearts with toasty warm hats and scarves of the Jekyll and Hyde variety. Each item has it's own personality. All kidding aside it worked out pretty well. The next hat will be done on circulars-look ma! no seam!!!!. I'm also in the mood to make long scarf that will block out all the cold on Thursday it's supposed to be -3 degrees. While I love the beauty of winter and snow-I hate driving in it and I could do without the slip and slide to my car each day.

So keep on moving and grooving kids

see ya soon


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