Sunday, January 4, 2009

10 things I love about my mom.

10. She's not afraid of anything other than electric foot soaking machines and escalators. oh and snakes

9. She's funny without meaning to be. We were once watching a 20/20 episode where they were talking about the new requirements parents had to have to adopt a child from china. You had to be a certain weight,certain height,certain I.Q.,etc. My mom listened to all of this and said-why not just stay the hell out of china. I died laughing.

8. She is completely and faithfully off beat. She can't keep in time with the music. If you listen to her you'd start snapping your fingers off beat as well.

7. She's makes her own rules. Not just for life but in card games,paid parking,etc. She hates to be told where to park especially if she's paid you.

6. I love the way she talks to my dad. She has a great sense of humour. She's always told me she saw that my dad needed some help so she took pity on him. And of course his life was never the same. They go to bed talking and laughing and get up in the morning talking.

5. She's so earnest sometimes. One time she started telling me about a documentary she had watched about a lady who was a pack rat. She said" You know it really is a sickness- Do you think that maybe you're afflicted with the same disease?" She was totally serious-but i again was cracking up. Okay I can be a bit of pack rat-but not dr. phil in need of help pack rat.

4. She's amazingly giving. She always tells me that if she has it to give she will. I have had ladies I don't know tell of times where mom dropped off her kids at school for her-or made food for them,etc.

3. I love her wise counsel. Her motto is-if I see you doing wrong-or someone doing you wrong-I'm going to you about it. What you do with the information is your responsibility.

2. I love my mom's sayings.
1. They ate like dogs.
2. I wanted to slap the piss out of him.
3. Soap and water will clean anything other than a dirty heart.

1. I love my mom because she's my mom.


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allie said...

You are good daughter. I can now view your blog after some changes in my blog layout, I was getting only a music link when I clicked on you...oh how I missed your writing. *grin*