Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Techno happy.

I just downloaded a new tool bar for my Internet browser. It's so cool. Not only do I have another search engine,It totally hooks me up with weather info. Just point and click-how easy is it. Other tool bars require you to go to different sites for your information but not msn. I can see what the moon looks like tonight-what the forecast is for tomorrow and what it feels like outside-that's right ladies and gentlemen I've got windchill info too. Sometimes I think if I find anymore cool gadgets in the tech world I might end up spending too much time in front of a computer. Garrison Keillor's Prairie home companion did a skit on a bear who wouldn't hibernate because he was too busy trying to date another bear online. How funny-well it's off to have an in depth conversation with Mr. sandman.

check-ya later


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