Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Driving all day

Hey guys

I just spent Saturday driving all day. Let me say this not a complaint. Usually when I'm driving it's to work or the gym or to the store. You know the random trips you have to make everyday. On Saturday, I went to Columbus to a Christmas play. It was awesome. The three wise men were actually on animals. Two rode a horse,and one rode a camel. It was slightly cheesy but I've always been a fan of cheese of all sorts. So I drove home after dinner-no biggie. What's one hour when you drive everyday for two. I got home about 8 and went to sleep so that I could drive my cousin Johnnie and Chuckie to the Amtrak station in Cleveland at midnight. Their train was delayed so I got to sleep for another two hours. Packed them up and drove them to the station. There's something soo cool about driving at 3 o'clock in the morning on the highway. No traffic and almost no police cars-there was one but he was parked side ways with his lights totally out,I think he was catching some zzz's if you ask me. My dad(who rode with me)and my cousin talked about the olden days and we had a discussion about dealing with difficult people-be it on the job-or in your family. There was also a lot of talk about being a peace maker in situations that you feel weren't your fault. We got to the station and I got some literature about Amtrak-the brochures look awesome. You know it's weird-I was a little tired on the journey up to Cleveland but as soon as I got out of the car I was wide awake. After we hugged our cousins goodbye about a million times-my dad and I made the return journey. We talked about everything-I asked him how he felt about my mom and life in general. I made it home about 6:45 am and napped sitting up on the couch for about an hour before getting up and showering and getting ready for church. So the marathon ended with 4 hours of driving and wonderful conversations. I hope to have many more trips where I can ponder life's persistent questions.



allie said...

Hey D, thinking about ya.

Desi's Thoughts and Idea's said...

Thanks allie,

it's getting a bit better