Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let It Snow?

Hey guys,

Generally my two favorite seasons are spring and fall-more fall. I love the transition seasons or as I like to call them the death and rebirth seasons. It's a time of renewal(car insurance-license etc.) or a time to let go. I do however like winter-don't love it but I like it. Snow makes everything seem so pure and holy like there should be carolers around all the time singing handel's messiah or chanticleer singing their christmas medely. When I walk out to my car there's this hush-it's almost like being in your own little winter wonderland. What I don't like about winter is the crappy driving conditions. The weather hasn't been bad so I kind of forgot it was december. Last night I participated in the Car capades(ice capades for cars). It was so exciting you never knew which stop sign you were going to slide through next. I didn't do any 360 or 180 i just fish tailed a little bit. I now have to get new tires-I'd been putting it off but last night confirmed it. Safety first! i'll be baking this weekend-I've got sometime to myself and awesomely the food network has begun their twelve days of christmas cookie recipes-i'll be making them and sharing them with my co-workers. So drink some cocoa/wine/mulled cider, snuggle up warm by your space heater or fire(for those of us lucky enough to have a fireplace) with a good read-it's that time of year.


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