Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rhythms of Grace

I just read a wonderful book. "Rhythms of Grace" was written by Marilynn Griffith. The story centers around a young dancer who's career is cut short by a brutal assault that left her scarred. Normally I'm not a fan of the whole tortured soul expose that are popular today so this is a change of reading fair for me. I'll sum up what I liked about the book. It's rare that you find christian fiction where people actually are human. I mean the characters all have real needs and wants and deal with a whole host of issues. what I loved the most is the tender romance between the main character and her colleague. It starts off with them meeting as young adults. They fit together so well-there's this carefully orchestrated dance that goes on. It's simply beautiful. My favorite line from the book comes from the heroine when she says"If looking good is the best revenge,then somebody somewhere is hurting.Bad." It's cool for two reason-one she's talking to a guy-it's usually the guy who has the lines,two it shows her humaness in genre that's not known for it. One of the reasons I liked this book was because the characters had desires. They didn't let the desires control them but they felt them all the same. In most christian fiction the romance seems to be like hand holding that graduated to marriage. No passion just kind words and longing glances-kind of Ala little house on the prairie-no heat in the oven. There was heat in the dance,words,and actions of the characters in this book in a beautiful way. I read this book in one day-couldn't put it down. What I didn't like about the book, several other stories were never finished to my liking. I wanted to see what was going to happen to all these other characters. It was wonderful to see how redemption was working on everyone in the,well almost everyone in the story. I highly recommend this even if you're not a holy roller. I commend Ms. Griffith on well written story. I hope there are many more to come.


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