Friday, December 19, 2008

I did it!!!

I survived my first pair of gloves with what I think are pretty good results.

I found this pattern in interweave's press color book. I like the hounds tooth pattern. It's also really warm because of all of the color work. The hardest part had to be the fingers. But with the help from the princess of power she-ra I persevered(thanks Mrs. C). I was thinking about making a scarf in the hounds tooth print but double knit so it's reversible. I might not do a scarf but a scarflet that's wide and fits in the collar of my jacket. Let me know what you think.



NTT said...

Good job! Those look awesome.
I think a matching scarf would be cool. Maybe you could put the "Love" and "Hope" at the ends so that they match the gloves even more.

Brandon said...

Great job, I love hounds tooth, I would love to have a knit hat in black and white hounds tooth to match my scarf.