Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did you go to the Ohio State fair,funnel cakes,cheeseburgers and Fries!

Hey guys,

I do so love Simon and Garfunkel! Well it's officially over! I made it through my craft show at the Ohio State Fair. The lovely Ms. L invited me to shared a booth with her. Her dog sweaters are too cute! We generated a lot of interest and lots of people took our business cards. The cool thing about our booth was the live music stage right in front of us. So we got a birds eye view of Belly Dancers

I loved the fact that they all looked like real women. That's incredibly ballsy to get up in your i dream of genie outfit and dance in front of people. I also loved the veils-I think I'll check out the classes!

The Band Couch Forts

A guitar,violin,and banjo-lovely music.

And also

I can't remember the name of the band but they are blue grass. I loved the harmony of the mandolin with the guitar and upright bass. Their voices were also blended well.

After that Ms. L and I packed up our gear and tucked it away in my car. Then we came back for the real fun. We went to the nature reserve-a part of the fair I was unfamiliar with and took some crazy pictures

We went and visited the chickens. Doesn't this one look like an orchestra conductor? I just loved his hair

next we pretended that we were fisher women

but really their was a weird alien dancing around our craft show.

All in All I had a Ball. I forgot how fun the state fair is!

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