Monday, June 1, 2009

Somewhere on my drive home.

Hey guys,

I finally did it! I bought myself a digital camera. It's a Kodak easy share and only cost me 50 bucks, okay 60 with my 4GB memory card. I've been testing it out and the picture above is one of the shots I got on my way home. Now that I have a camera of my very own I think I'll start doing a picture of the week. I've been having so much fun with my camera. I almost went outside tonight to see if I could catch a picture of the sky as lightning flashed. I came to my senses though and am now blogging instead. If you'd like to see some more of my commute picture click on my flickr link and take a look.

This weekend I took my niece and nephew to their first hockey game. We had fun cheering the Panthers on. They won 3-1. The guys on the ice made it look so easy. I started thinking maybe it's not that hard. Then my mind would go back to my first experience with ice skating-not pretty. Just picture me stuck in the middle of the ice rink at OSU waving my arms frantically and trying to propel myself to the edge of the rink and safety. I didn't fall but I came close. My niece and nephew now want to go to the chiller and ice skate. I might take them but I'm not sure about lacing up some ice skates of my own. In my work life I'm teaching someone how to use the computer on Wednesday and hoping to catch up on my knitting and my reading. I'll also be teaching my mother and my aunt a few line dances. I know what you're thinking but this is not country line dancing-not that there's anything wrong with that. These dances are smooth as silk and make you look so good on the floor. I'll be teaching "Shake what ya momma gave ya!, Cupid Shuffle,Some Enchanted evening,etc.." I learned all of these dances at my Monday night dance class. It's the most economical dance class ever-$1.00 yep just one dollar. I get out there and all the stress that caused my shoulders to knot up that day just melts away. Sometimes it just about moving and being free and not caring what someone else thinks. It's also an awesome workout. I could do this every day easy.

I'm bushed- danced too hard,must sleep


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