Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Picture of the Week

I needed a little levity this week. I took this picture on my last hike in Mohican's State Park. I think he kinda looks like comic the insult dog if you squint your eyes. I just had a conversation with a friend about being responsible and being "in the wind" or as she would term it all over the place. She says it's okay to find time for yourself once your responsibilities are taken care of. On the surface I agree with that. I wouldn't knit instead of working,or go on a shopping spree instead of paying my car note. Where we differ is I would like to spend sometime on myself before I'm 90 and need to have hip replacement surgery. We all have to make sacrifices but sometimes I think we sacrifice parts of ourselves that should have never been on the chopping block. I know that I'm never going to be the girl who gets excited about doing the dishes or mowing the lawn. I'll do those things but I'm also going to knit and learn to ride a motorcycle and whatever other else takes my fancy. Why would I purposely try to squash the creative side of me? We lead quiet lives of desperation for so much of our existence. Who would begrudge us a little me time? I don't want to get to the end of my life with a list of the number of towels I've folded or lawns that I've mowed as a testament of a life well lived. I'd rather list all the times I had the courage to do what I really wanted to do. I'll speak about the time I drove by myself to new york just because I wanted to see the city. I refuse to feel bad about wanting time for myself. I'm looking for La Dulce Vita or The sweet life and I will find it!


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