Monday, December 7, 2009

Tea, Tea and more Tea.

Everything seems to collide at once. I finished my last paper!(yip, yip, hooray!),did my best ever roasted applesauce ever made better with apple cider from mansfield's own apple hill orchard,did the holiday hop and then.... The wall of sniffles,throat tickles that were not amusing, and delicate stomachs and voice changes. Yep I got sick. I Never get sick, well almost ever. How clever is it that my cold coincided with my vaction? Yep so I'm trying to get rid of uncle sniffle and aunt congestina in time for my mother's party this weekend. I think I've got it pretty well beaten. With the help of all the tea in my house,lovingly share with me by ms. C(Thanks ever so much)i've been doing much better. I have drank

Lotus blossom Green Tea: Pretty good as an ice tea. Smells wonderful and taste lovely if you like flowery teas.

Pomegranate White Tea: Lovely truely lovely flavors. A little tart because of the rosehips.

Bluberry Green Tea: By far my favorite because I love blueberries.

Cucumber White Tea: Smells so good when it's steeping.

Pineapple Ginger Green Tea: Taste kind of weird but not bad. I just wonder how they got the pineapple flavor in a tea bag?

Organic Throat Coat:interesting I usually abhor licorice but in this instance I don't mind it. It's actually quite sweet. I haven't taken sugar in my tea for a while now and I find it's a pleasant sweetness.

I'm definitely not dehydrated.


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allie said...

Feel better kiddo, you need to be enjoying that vacation time!