Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Heart Tom Petty

What can I say about Tom. He's a brilliant lyricist. He's honest and real in a way that's not hokey. His songs about the human condition resonate with me. A Tom Petty song will make you think and relax. Right now I'm immersing myself in Tom Petty and the Heart breakers cd's. I picked up two from my handy dandy library.

"Two gunslingers" is a song about taking control of your life and not being entertainment for masses of board people. . Of course I liked "Into the great wide open" but I love "In the dark of the sun" and "Built to last". Both songs speak of being connected to a person,of finding your way down life's winding road with said person I just love it. Then I checked out "Wildflowers" which of course had tracks like "It's good to be King","You don't know how it feels" etc. But it's the title track that's got me hooked. Freedom in love and loving someone else enough to want that for them. Yes I am a woman so lyrics like "You deserve the deepest of colors,you belong in that home by and by. far away from your trouble and worry, you belong somewhere you feel free" totally and completely melt me. Guys, try a little tenderness. "Kings Highway" from "Into the great wide open" is also one of my favorite followed closely by learning to fly. I hear this music and want to go on a road trip immediately. I just picture myself under wide open sky, drinking Pepsi and singing loudly. You know the good life! What's in your player?


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