Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh the places Desi will go!

Hey guys,

I've been on a full tilt school schedule lately. I feel like I should really make a good faith effort to try to be all that I can be(in the navy...Just kidding). So I've been writing papers,revising them,having closed door meetings with writing center executives,and doing a little dirty dancing on the side. I absolutely love my social dance class-I know I've said it before but really it's awesome. I went salsa dancing by myself last Friday. Let me just say I love a man who can lead well. I never thought I'd say that but really if they know what they're doing you get to shine. I love being brought in close and then spinning out before you get pulled back in,it so rocks! So that night I learned to salsa and merengue. The music was of the chain. I can still here it. If you would like to go salsa dancing here is the link It's $10 for a 2 hour lesson and then you get to dance afterwards showing off your new skills. I'm going to get a group together and go dancing. In my dance class I learned the tango-love it! and the sweetheart move in the tango so cool! I think I just found my new exercise. Other than that I've been trying some experiments in the kitchen. Stay tuned for the results!!! One more thing,can I just say that I love the closet kitchen blog? I have made pumpkin butter,roasted applesauce with my Asian bark cinnamon,and I'll be making apple butter with Ohio apples today. He just blows my mind with his creativity. Check out his link on my blog.

(ta-ta for now)


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