Sunday, January 24, 2010

Memory lane

I absolutely loved slim goodbody. Who wouldn't love a man in a body stocking. It would take a man extremely confident in his masculinity to wear a body stocking. Looking back now, it's hilarious but I truly loved this show.

You can't have Slim without some nutritional advice from a cheese puff in a 10 gallon hat! I hanker for a hunk of cheese! I learned how to make cheese and cracker along with Popsicles from this little guy.

You can't tell a hero by his size He's just a little tiny super guy. They don't make television like they used to.

I have been searching for this segment forever. I just couldn't remember the name of the character I loved. It's full of all the jive talking and slick walking that went on during the seventies. I just loved the alliteration in the names of the characters. From Smart Susie Sunset to Bad news Barton and Wrong Way Willie there's no end to the smart and imaginative ways language can be used to interest young learners.

I've now become saturated with 1970's tv show memories. Maybe I need to watch something new a vibrant to get my mind off of the past.


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