Saturday, May 9, 2009

weird dreams

I know you're all wondering what does Desi dream about at night. Is it wolverine/Hugh Jackman in a mechanic's outfit ,Desi in a violently neon green sequined Tutu figure-skating in the Olympic semi-finals, or Flying threw the air with a generic superman. Most of my dreams are not logical at all. I had a dream.......

I was in the Robinson Fellowship hall at my old church. That's where we had all the extra activities at church. I was at some kind of afternoon program(translation the programs nobody comes back for after church )and I was sitting next to B.B. King. He was holding Lucille(his guitar) and asking me what I was going to sing on stage. I felt just like I do every Sunday morning when I can't remember any of the praise and worship songs I'm supposed to be singing. Not to mention that I wanted desperately to sing with B.B. King. All that would come into my head was surrender which was an old hymn. I couldn't wait to show him what I could do. I suddenly had to go to the ladies really badly and excused myself. I walked into the bathroom and one of my old friends was there in the bathroom with her sister. I asked her if she had a digital camera and she told me she only had a throw away camera. Her sister had one and I asked her to take a picture of me and B.B. King. i thought it would be great for my blog! But when we walked out of the bathroom the program had ended and the King of the Blues was leaving before I could get a picture(now maybe this means that the blues will be leaving my life? Kind of like I had been close to the blues but now I would be free to be happy? who knows.) I felt sad that he was leaving without saying goodbye. Next I was in a hotel-not in the lobby I was in the hallway(picture the shinning with a warmer color scheme-peanut butter colored carpet and chocolate doors(Reese's?) waiting for an elevator to go up. All of the people who were waiting with me had on clothes from the 70's. Brown polyester suits and really wide striped ties,or those blouses with the huge elaborately droopy bows in the front. And lets not forget about the huge glasses. There was one chick who had on a really tight leather jacket. The weird thing the hotel was masquerading as an apartment complex. I felt like I was in some sitcom from the 80's. More WKRP in Cincinnati than Bosom Buddies. I spent the rest of my dream going up in the elevator to my apartment or down to my job. I swear the view from the lobby was gorgeous. Tons of natural light and I think the setting was New York. There you have it what goes on in my dream world after the broadcast signal has faded to black.


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