Friday, February 8, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to school I go!

Hey guys,

It's your favorite knitastic personality. If I had a dime for everytime my mouth got me in trouble I could buy Donald Trump and the Bill Gates foundation. This time it got me in trouble at work. If I just wasn't such a social person I think I could handle the Silent Partner bit a little better. I think it's the knitter in me. You know that inner you that wants the world to know what you're working on vice versa. You spend sometime with knitters where you talk about everything under the sun and naturally it bleeds a little bit into your everyday life. I naturally want to know how my co-workers are doing and what's new in their lives. We share work tips,food fetishes,food dislikes,movie quotes,and the best way to buy a used car or start a roth ira. I'm blessed to work with people I actually like. That being said I must say I'm extremely hard worker-I'm not known for slacking even in the slightest. I can always be counted on to pitch in and get things done. But I've curbed my love for talking and have been virtually silent lately. I'm thankful for all the opportunities my position has afforded me. I've decided to go back to school and finish that all important bachelor's degree(wonder why it's called a bachelor's degree-maybe cause mainly people are single when they get it?) I want to do something with the talent and obvious beauty that God has gifted me with. I can't let it all go to waste. So if you're in a situation where moving on or up seems impossible- take a deep breath and look around. There are always options. The only option you don't have is giving up. That's a crap shoot option. My pastor says God will never leave you down and out in a bad situation. God always makes provisions for you. Think about the times where everything you needed lined up perfectly. There are no coincedences. There are people specifically put in place to help you in your quest to be come a more fabulous you. I'm going to beat the bushes for money(that I don't have to payback) for school. In the mean time i'm working on some charity knitting. You can see the little vest in my picture. It's a lovely charcoal gray cable vest. I love the thought that some little kid will be warmer because I took the time do something I love to do.

So until next time

keep knitting,loving,singing,and vibeing

Peace love and soul


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