Saturday, January 1, 2011

How I spent my last day of 2010

So another year wound down. I have to say that 2010 had some really great moments and some awesomely bad moments. I won't bore you with a Dick Clark recap of the year of 2010. I will simply tell you how I spent December 31st. I started out December 31st by racing to the post office to by one stamp so that I could mail my rent check off. I wanted to do it on December 30th but grandview post office is stuck on stupid and doesn't have a stamp dispenser in their lobby which is open for 24hours. Now I know what you're thinking. Why not go to Kroger or Giant Eagle to get your stamps. Funny thing about Giant Eagle, they like to hide their stamps at 10pm so that customers can't buy them. So I had to get up earlier than i wanted to and scrounge around for the change for a stamp. So letter mailed, I rushed off hoping to find my text books at half-price books. Sadly, they didn't have them. So I took myself out to lunch at Paul's on 5th-best little Italian restaurant in grandview! Love them. Then I took myself to the thrift store to find some new threads. I wanted to be all sparkly and shiny for the new year. Well I didn't find what i wanted but I did put together a pretty cool outfit. I got cleaned up-very well thank you- and made my way to Ms. A's house. There I enjoyed veggie pizza and a Cesar salad before our party of three traveled to nationwide arena. There we enjoyed watching the blue jackets overtime win over the Ottawa Senators. Jakub Voracek saved the day with his game winning shot in sudden death overtime. After the game we walked downtown and watched the fireworks at cosi and then went back to my friends place for champagne and brownie trifle. I had my first ever mimosa(champagne and orange juice) and had to walk home to my apartment. Yup, I'm a one drink girl. I awoke the next morning and thought my car had been stolen. Then I remembered that I had walked home and would now have to return to the scene of the crime and pick up my vehicle. I really had a blast. I hope you did too!

Happy New Year!


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